up to 10 football
units per week

football and school in perfect combination

In focus: individual advancement

The principle at the German Soccer Boarding School is: "You learn to play football by playing football!" The primary goal of education at DFI is to optimally and individually support the boarding students as well as our external players.

At DFI, each player receives training tailored to their strengths and weaknesses four times a week in the morning thanks to a schedule designed to meet the needs of athletes. In the small field area, special emphasis is placed on clean technical execution with a high number of repetitions. The players receive permanent, targeted feedback and coaching from their trainers. In addition, our youngest players should already train as often as possible in "game-related" contexts so that they can also apply the techniques they have learned in the game. In the large field area, the technical foundation will be further maintained and expanded. In addition, individual and group tactical, position-specific, and athletic components take on importance.

The second training session of the day takes place on the team compound. Usually at their own club, the DFI Bad Aibling e.V., or at the clubs from the region.

professional main trAiners

To ensure that talented youth can develop optimally, we attach great importance to 100% professionalism, e.g. through a full-time coaching staff. From U12 to U19, all teams are trained by a full-time head coach, which is an absolutely unique feature in Germany.

10 x training per week

Because we take the students' athletic development just as seriously as their schooling, training is perfectly integrated into the school day. Up to 10 units per week, which are modified and adapted by the coaches to best meet players' needs (also with non-football content, such as yoga).


Full-time DFI trainers

We care about your football development!

Marius Dordowsky, Sportlicher Leiter, Elite-Junioren Lizenztrainer

„Your player does not care how much you know until he knows how much you care.“

Dominik Henn, Head-Coach U11 DFI Bad Aibling e.V.
Michael Schlicher
Michael Schlicher, C-Lizenztrainer, Co-Trainer DFI Bad Aibling e.V.

„Spiel mit deinem Herzen, nicht nur mit deinen Füßen.“

Timo Kinast
Timo Kinast, B-Lizenztrainer, Co-Trainer U15 DFI Bad Aibling e.V.

„Kein Spieler ist größer als das Team.“

Hans Halsreiter
Hans Haslreiter, A-Lizenztrainer, Head Coach U14 DFI Bad Aibling e.V.

„Ob du denkst, du kannst es, oder du kannst es nicht: Du wirst auf jeden Fall recht behalten.“

Andreas Wittke
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittke, Berater Gesundheit & Fitness
Lino Volkmer
Lino Volkmer, Torwarttrainer

„Unser größter Triumph liegt nicht darin, niemals zu fallen, sondern darin, immer wieder aufzustehen.“

David Balogh freigestellt
David Balogh, Elite-Junioren Lizenztrainer, Head-Coach U19 DFI Bad Aibling e.V.

„. . . denn als Bolzplatzkinder entdeckten wir unsere Liebe zum schönsten Sport der WeIt. Unser Antrieb war der Spaß am Spiel. “

Josip Jurcevic
Josip Jurcevic, B-Lizenztrainer, Head-Coach U17 DFI Bad Aibling e.V.

„Only the disciplined ones are free in life. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods“