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Individual & advancement

Individual training

- 4 x 100 minutes of football training per week
- integrated into the school timetable
- individual support
- in addition to team training

advancement training

For guys & gals from 1st to 12th grade:
- additional training to the team training
- licensed trainers
- focus on individual goals
- optimal training conditions

Individual & FOcused training

improve FOOTBALL skills by playing

DFI places great importance on training our players in as many different ways as possible. Our DFI coaches strive to minimize over- or under-challenging players in order to ensure players’ optimal development.

The broader the technical and tactical training, the better the decision-making of the players in complex game situations and the easier they can adapt to tactical changes.

Another important pillar of DFI training is that players learn to make their own decisions on the field, regardless of playing on the defensive or offensive side.

The goal is for players to learn the demands of the game in an age-appropriate way so that they can independently find optimal solutions on the pitch for their future athletic careers. Individual advancement trumps short-term team success.

Guys and gals from 1st to 12th grade

We want to produce players who make a difference. That is why we start as early as possible with type-specific promotion.

Additional training to team training

The focus is always on the individual goals of our students. That's why there are numerous individual training sessions to improve players' skills.

Licensed trainers

We offer professional, targeted, and innovative training under professional training conditions.

internal & external Players

This offer is aimed at football players who attend the boarding school and/or who go to school at the DBBC & also at all external players!

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holistic individual training

Athletics TRaining

Innovation Center

Our offer

Weekly from Monday to Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m.

INDIVIDUAL support training

60 minutes of individual training each - here we work on individual strengths and weaknesses.

support training Partner

60 minutes each for two - with a partner of your choice.

support training small group

60 minutes each with up to 3 players:inside - training in a small group.

most modern training equipment

The tool of the professionals - the VEO camera

Video analysis is an integral part of training at DFI. DFI coaches use the Veo system, as do Borussia Mönchengladbach, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Leicester City FC, Inter Miami CF and other top international clubs. Veo is the perfect tool for recording training sessions as well as entire games. It is a premium soccer camera that records 180° with two 4K lenses and has enough storage for multiple games. The built-in AI processes the games directly and creates complete, playable recordings in which the camera follows the ball. After the game is uploaded into the system, the AI recognizes the ball and creates a recording tailored to it, which coaches can easily and quickly prepare for video analysis. Since Veo has a 180-degree camera, everything is recorded even scenes off the ball.

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Blaze Pods are the smart fitness product for speed and reaction training. They are the ingenious further development of large reaction walls. Until now, light-based reaction and speed training was only known from large illuminated walls or floors with LED lights. However, these require a lot of power, a lot of space, and are not transportable. The Blaze Pods are super lightweight and portable, can be used in or outdoors, and are easily controlled via an app. The time rhythm and colors with which the Blaze Pods light up are determined by the app. The Blaze Pod app offers a large number of preloaded training programs from group and individual training to physical therapy and cognitive training. With these pre-installed programs, all developed by experts, a challenging reaction and speed training can be realized for almost every athlete. It is also possible to create your own training program. All pods can be assigned eight different colors. The sequence of the light pulses can be set by the user as well as the time intervals. The app provides all hits of the pods including a millisecond-precise indication of the reaction time and thus offers perfect control of the training session. The Blaze Pods are used regularly in athletic training at DFI.

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GPS Tracker

To analyze how fast and how far our players run in training or in games, how many sprints they do, where they move on the field, and how high their load is, we use GPS trackers from the Australian company SPT Sports Performance Tracking. These GPS trackers, which record all the essential data, help us better train the youth, prevent injuries, or get them back in shape, especially after injuries. These trackers are extremely important training equipment for our trainers.

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Wireless timing system

For the performance diagnostics at DFI, we use the wireless timing system from ks-sport. This version is particularly suitable for sprint training, as the TCi-Smart Start offers the possibility of training the start with the "Ready-Set-Go" setting, which sets up the light barrier as a target at the desired distance. In addition, the TCi-Smart Start offers the possibility to start the time "on start" or "on detection" and to mark the target with the photoelectric sensor. The system is also suitable when working with flying start and crossing the start and finish on the same line. As a standard function, you can use the TCi timer to measure times up to 10 minutes in 1/100th of a second. For short distances and accurate timing, the 1/1000-second mode can be selected, where timing up to 9.999 seconds is possible. However, the stopwatch also offers the possibility to measure speeds in kilometers per hour. At DFI, this system is used primarily for performance testing and rehabilitation.

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The MultiBall is a mix of real sports and a digital gaming platform. It was developed to create an interplay between physical movement and digital play. It offers the perfect symbiosis of sport and technical innovation. MultiBall is used at DFI for interactive training. It is smart, digital, and individual. The training effects for physical training are in the area of reaction speed, first contact, movement without the ball, passing, communication as well as cardio and technique training. Much more important, however, are the training effects in the cognitive area, such as rapid decision-making under pressure, recognizing and resolving situations quickly, anticipating situations, and focusing on multiple trigger points. MultiBall is an innovative training tool that fits perfectly with DFI and helps make our players better.

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